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              Welcome to Hebei Lai Fu Industrial Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the official website!

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              • KCB gear pump
              • Profile: KCB-type gear pumps gear, shaft, pump, valve, shaft seal formed. Gear heat treated with high hardness and strength, and the shaft is installed with the can...

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                Hebei to Fu Industrial Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is China Pump Group of backbone enterprises, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry sentinel professional production plant, domestic gear pump industry leading enterprises. ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, and adopted the China Classification Society pattern recognition, marine products obtained type approval certificate. It also adopted the People's Republic of China Fishery Certification for Fishing Vessel Inspection Agency. The enterprises in production, research...

              Gear pump works

              Meshing gear pump operating principle

              Involute gear Schematic

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